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Increase Your Web Hits

EntrecardIf you have seen Entrecards while surfing the internet, you might be curious of what it can do actually. Entrecard has been introduced just last year. Even at first I was hesitant, I still joined the band wagon and got hooked with it. Entrecard works by dropping your cards to other sites with the Entrecard widget. Every card drop that you make corresponds to one point. Points are then used to buy advertising from other sites. You can also sell points and even use it to shop in the Entrecard site. The value of advertising is represented by the number of queued advertisers (blog sites) to your Entrecard account. If there are three queued advertisers, your advertising cost would be 8 or equivalent to 2x2x2. The formula is as simple as that. The more queued advertisers the higher value your Entrecard would be.

What else can you benefit aside from the free advertising spot from other sites? Not only there is a guaranteed increase hits from your sites, since Entrecard people would drop card to your Entrecard. But you could also earn constant readers and droppers. My tip is for you to constantly drop cards especially to those who drops card on you. Make sure to thank those who place ads on you. And lastly, add those regular droppers and advertisers as your favorites.

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  1. Sherry  

    March 10, 2009 at 4:38 PM

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