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Some Rights Reserved To Be Available Online

creative commonsGood news to bloggers, students and the people of academia, we can now use copyrighted materials like pictures, written publications, art work and music without the threat of being sued. The international group that introduced “creative common license” is in the works of allowing copyright owners to release their work to the public with few restrictions.

According to an intellectual property lawyer Bryan Tan, the creative common license will benefit both creators and those who want to use their work. It opens up the opportunity to share works to the whole world.

Compared to the “all rights reserved”, a blogger needs the permission of the copyright owner before he can use it in his blog. Bloggers also need to credit the owner in the article. While the “some rights reserved” creative common licenses gives it creator the power of sharing but with few rules and limitations. If a copyright owner allows anyone to use his work with the agreement that he is given credit to the article, bloggers can now use his work without asking permission.

Legal experts and people from the technology sector are now adapting it to local laws and soon will make the license available online. That is indeed great news!

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