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Mariah Carey Billboard's Most Weeks at No. 1

Mariah CareyBillboard celebrated 50 years of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. I have checked the Billboard web site as usual and saw that they have released special charts just for this celebration. Some of the charts are as follows: Most Weeks at No. 1 By Artist, Most Hot 100 Hits By Artist, Most No. 2 Hits Without Reaching No. 1 By Artist, Most Weeks at No. 2 Without Reaching No. 1 By Title, Different Songs, Same Titles To Hit No. 1, Same Songs To Hit No. 1 By Two Different Artists and Most No. 1s By Artist (All-Time).

By next week, the Billboard web site will be releasing One-Hit Wonders and Most Weeks at No. 1 By Title charts. R&B superstar Mariah Carey garned the first spot at the Most Weeks at No. 1 and ranked number two for the Most No. 1s By Artist. Congratulations to Mariah Carey!

Here are the top 10 Artists that made it to the Billboard's Most Weeks at No. 1:

1. Mariah Carey - One Sweet Day (w/ Boyz II Men; 1995, 79 wks)
2. The Beatles - Hey Jude (1968, 59 wks)
3. Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day (1995, 50 wks)
4. Usher - Yeah! (2004, 43 wks)
5. Michael Jackson - Tie -- Billie Jean (1983); Black Or White (1991) 37 wks
6. Elton John - Candle In The Wind 1997/Something About The Way You Look Tonight (1997, 34 wks)
7. Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes (1993, 33 wks)
8. Beyonce - Irreplaceable (2006, 32 wks)
9. Madonna - Take A Bow (1995, 32 wks)
10. Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You (1992, 31 wks)

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