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Blog About Hot SEO Topics

One way to earn web hits is to blog about hot SEO topics. Hot SEO topics are those keywords that are most searched around the world in search engines. Let’s say “Britney Spears” is a hot SEO topic (well she is) then you should blog about it. Since many are searching for her whereabouts, your site will be visited by these “searchies” since you have these topics.

I suggest that you take advantage of these SEO topics since it will benefit you a lot. If there are occasions or events, better blog it in advance so your post will be indexed in search engines before others got indexed. Let’s say the event is the London Olympics 2012. Even at this time, it is suggested to have archived posts about it. When London Olympics start, your site will be one of the sites that will be displayed in the search engine results.

If you want to try other hot SEO topics, you may want to try Google Labs. Google Labs displays history of the most searched keywords per day. You can even go back to a certain day and discover the mind set of people when it comes to Google searching.

Hit me back if your web hits improved after this tip.

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