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Internet Marketing Seminar

Last Tuesday while I was on the MRT on my way to the office, I saw this newspaper ad with a FREE Internet Marketing Seminar caption on it. Since, I want to learn more about Internet Marketing and earning more from my usual, I signed up with them. I also hoped that I would get a free book since it was indicated in their newspaper ad that they will give out free Internet Marketing books for the first 50 people to sign up.

After office yesterday, I went directly to their office at Keppel Towers in Tanjong Pagar, which is just walking distance to our next home. The start of the seminar was 7 P.M. and I arrived there 5 minutes before 7 P.M. Sadly, there are no free books at all. Anyway, I planned that day to eat early but since I was late I grabbed a muffin and an iced tea on a nearby store and ate while I was on the seminar.

The seminar was two hours long and the guy talking was a Teacher who is now doing Internet Marketing full time for over three years now. I wasn't able to get his monthly income since I went out to buy a snack. The seminar was okay for beginners and since I find myself on the next level, it was quite boring. I find it very ridiculous that the speaker always want the audience to repeat what he is saying. If he stopped doing that, the seminar would just take up an hour. Didn't he know that most of us came from a half day of work? I was actually tired, hungry and very sleepy.

One thing that I am disappointed with the seminar is the lack of good information. The speaker keeps on saying that he will discuss about that certain topic later on but eventually it was never discussed. The seminar ended with the invitation from the audience to enroll in their 2-day seminar. Would you believe that the original price of that seminar amounted to almost 3,000 SGD? And this is more bizaare that at that moment they are selling the seminar for only 100 SGD. What a nice marketing strategy? It just surprised me that most of the audience signed up for the 2-day seminar.

Anyway, I am still thankful for some of the information that I have learned in the 2-hour seminar. I'll just be careful next time on the seminars I am signing up to.

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