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Project Increase Web Hits

The other day I was inspired by a blogger friend to have more time in increasing my web hits. His usual web hits a day is around 1,000 while mine is around 500 for my three blogs. He shared a bookmark site called buzzfeed wherein he receives huge traffic a day. I signed up for it but I was having problem in uploading a thumbnail picture.

Anyway since I am a member of Digg, a popular bookmark site, I just logged-in and submitted my new and old posts. When I was still in the Philippines, I usually submit my new posts to Digg since it helps in promoting my site and certainly someone in the World Wide Web would see my blog. Aside from Digg, I also updated by Twitter account and would make it a point to submit my posts there everyday.

After two days of submitting posts in Digg and Twitter, my web traffic increased at least 40%. One more thing, I also have this habit of submitting links through my friend’s Yahoo Messenger. I just hope they are more pleased to be informed with the latest news about me and the world.

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