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Project NoFollow

nofollowIf you belong to the blogger group that received a decrease in their Page Ranks then you have to join my latest project, which I call “Project NoFollow.” So what is Project NoFollow? For starters, Page Ranks are actually based on internal (links within your site) and external hyperlinks (links from other sites). Every reciprocal links means a point value to your Page Rank. It also depends on the Page Rank of the site you are being linked. The higher the Page Rank, the higher point value you will get.

If you have been doing paid reviews or even posting links in your regular posts, what you should do is to add a “nofollow” code on every hyperlink of your posts. For example:

I’m just not sure if it’s okay to put a “nofollow” code on paid reviews. You have to check on the terms and conditions of those sites. On my three blogs, I have started to implement this project. Don’t worry to those exchange links of mine, yours won’t be nofollowed.

Let’s just see if my Page Rank would improve.

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  1. Sherry  

    March 5, 2009 at 6:29 PM

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