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Barack Obama Video Game Ads

Barack Obama Video Game AdsUS Presidential candidate Barack Obama made another historic mark when he bought campaign ads on Microsoft Xbox Live video games. The video game ads are targeted on the 18 to 34 male demography that are into video games. These dudes are hard to reach since they don't watch TV and read newspapers. The ads are in form of banners or billboards with the image of Barack Obama with the slogan, "Early voting has begun."

Some of the video games by the way are Guitar Hero 3, The Incredible Hulk, NASCAR 09, NBA Live 08 and NFL Tour. The said ads are targeted at 10 key states where early voting is available. The said states are Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida and Colorado.

On October 29 Barack Obama will have a 30-minute primetime pitch that will run on CBS and NBC networks. The much awaited US elections is on November 4th. Current polls show that Obama is in the lead versus John Mc Cain. America, please vote wisely!

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