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How To Add Top Commentators In Your Blog

Top commentator code for bloggerRe-posted from my main blog.  This is the new version of my Top Commentator list.  This loads faster.

Here’s another way that can make your avid readers to regularly post comments in your blog. If you can see in my right sidebar, I have a list of top commentators. The list is sorted in descending order meaning anyone who has the most comments will be on top. The widget I used was actually from Yahoo! Pipes. You can visit their site or just do the shortcut with my little help.

Here’s what you should do. Just copy this code then just change the properties of the following:

URL: This is the URL of your blog site. Just change with your own site.

FILTER: filter=Makoy, Anonymous" Names that you will disregard in your top commentator list. Separate it with a comma if it is more than one.

Leave me a comment if the Top Commentator widget worked for you. I will in exchange leave a comment in your blog.

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