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Jailed Over YouTube Clip

Sandor FerenciSandor Ferenci, a British motorcyclist and a carer for elderly woman was given a 12-week jail term last Monday after he posted footage of himself performing dangerous stunts in YouTube. According to reports, he was speeding up to 130 mph or 209 kph.

The Youtube footage showed that the 28-year old motorcyclist performed wheelies, skids and raced the roads of Banbury, Oxfordshire. The driving stunt incident happened June of this year. Ference was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court for 12 weeks and was prohibited from driving for two years. He can resume his driving after two years if he has taken an extended driving test.

The police traced him after a motorist saw his antics and took down his registration number. The incident was then reported to the authorities.

If you are thinking of posting videos of yourself in YouTube, I think you should think twice. You might be surprised that the police would be knocking on your doors for misdemeanor.

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