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How To Call A Web Service in C#.Net

How To Call A Web Service in C#.NetI have posted previously an article on how to create a web service, this time we are going to call the web service in our web applications. The first thing you need to know is the URL of the Web Service (e.g. http://localhost:2760/HelloWorld/HelloWorld.asmx). After that, you can open your existing web application and add a web reference. You can use web service by the way in any programming language (VB.Net or C#.Net).

To add the web reference, at the Solution Explorer, right click the Main project then select Add Web Reference. You will be prompted to enter the URL. Enter the URL of the web service of Hello World then click the Go button. A preview of the web service will be shown on the left part of the screen. At the Web Reference name, supply your desired name then click the Add Reference button. Your “Hello World” web reference should now be located in the App_WebReferences folder. It will contain three files with file extensions disco, discomap and wsdl.

Now to call the web service, add this code after the public class:

In this example, the web reference is named “Hello World” and we declare it as “_Service.”

After the proper declaration and adding of web reference, we can now call the web service method. Use the following codes below:

On the first line, we set a new value to the _ServiceErr. The next line is the passing of the string “Makoy” to the web service method named “Hello World.” Upon passing the value “Makoy” to this method, it will now show a message, “Hello Makoy!”

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