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How To Create A Simple Animation

Yesterday in my personal blog I have mentioned that I have started creating new animated pictures for my blogs. These of course are for advertising purposes to make my blogs more attractive to visitors. Speaking of animation, I will teach you on how to create a simple animation using Before converting our pictures to animated in Gickr, we have to create first a series of pictures that we want to overlap or to move. Here is the sample flat images that I used for the animated ad of this blog.

How To Create A Simple Animation 1 How To Create A Simple Animation 2 How To Create A Simple Animation 3

In the given example, the first frame would just show the background image. The second and third frame will show the texts "Make Money Online" and "With Makoy." Since in the second and third frame "Make Money Online" is visible it would look like a blinking effect for the "With Makoy" text.

To animate the three flat images, go to the link mentioned above then upload the three pictures with the same order. Ten images by the way are only allowed for this site. On the size selection, choose the custom size and indicate the correct size. There is also an option to change the speed of the animation. Click the continue button to proceed with the convertion. You can then save the animated picture and upload in your own blog.

Visit The Certified Pinoy Blogger to see the finish product.

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