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Google Ads Tricks

Google Ads TricksThese past few days I have experimenting on my blogs on how I could earn more. I got curious because on my Entertainment blog one day it only showed Google public service ads. That is a bad thing by the way since no one click those ads.

Anyway, here are some of what I have learned:

1. Never use obscene words in your title and content. Google is very strict at that. If they read an obscene word, automatically your ads will only display public service ads.

2. Google ads are based on the content like what I have said in number one. Let’s say your writing about a certain person or product which is unknown. Naturally, nothing will appear on your Google ads. If you write about famous brands or celebrities, Google will somehow have related ads that they can show.

3. If you are posting photos, always add the ALT tag on each photo so Google can identify your photos. This is applicable for Photo Blogs, ALT tags and the title are the only basis for Google Ads unless you have text in your content.

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