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Entrecard Improvement and Changes

Entrecard Improvement and ChangesEntrecard is under new management and I think Entrecarders are very happy about it. In the latest email sent by them, here are some of the latest developments of Entrecard:

1) Login/Logout Problem

We have received reports from a handful of users regarding problems with logging in and logging out of Entrecard. Please note that this bug has been fixed.

2) Auto-Approving Advertising Requests

For your convenience, we have added the option to automatically accept all advertising requests. You can enable this option by clicking the checkbox for “Accept all Entrecard ads automatically” under “Advert settings” in your dashboard. This way, your Entrecard account will run on “cruise control” and you will be able to earn credits without the hassle of accepting and declining every single advertising request. Because we carefully screen each and every blog that joins our network, you can be assured that the ads served on your widget are family oriented.

3) Advertising Directory

There have been a number of concerns about blogs in our directory that do not have a widget. We have completely cleaned out our advertising directory and only blogs with the Entrecard widget are listed. This will ensure that your hard-earned advertising credits do not go to waste. You will no longer have to worry about spending credits on a blog that does not have a widget.

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