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How To Watch YouTube Video That Is Blocked In Your Country

The other day, I was doing a research on how to watch YouTube videos that are blocked in a certain location. Luckily, I found the solution after many tries.

The trick is to visit the site This site is free to use and instead of using your own IP address, you will use this site's IP address.

Now, type htp:// as seen on the photo and click the Hide My Ass!  button.  YouTube will be loaded on the same page of  Now search a video and enjoy those blocked videos.  If searching displays an error, search from the regular YouTube site and just get the whole URL then paste in the Hide My Ass page.  That will do the trick.

For those who are curious, some videos are blocked because of copyright issues or the owner of the videos only restrict viewing for their own country. What can we do right, they own these videos.

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