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Free PC to iPhone Calls and Vice Versa

Free PC to iPhone Calls and Vice Versa
The other week, I was doing a research for my weekly iPhone article. I was trying to discover the way to fool Skype and the App Store that I'm on Wifi instead of the usual 3G connection. The application Fring suddenly was on my Google search result. I just ignored it and went on with my TV marathon.

Yesterday, I was browsing for free applications in the App Store and I saw Fring again. Since I read about it last week, I checked the description and was surprised that I can do free calls using Skype over 3G network. Isn't that cool? I asked my friend last night to log-in and I confirmed that it is working. I also called my friend in the US this morning and it worked fine. I just need to test now if it can work iPhone to iPhone via Fring.

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