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Apple's iPad Selling Well Overseas

Apple's iPad Selling Well Overseas
Apple's iPad is surprisingly selling well in Asia even it will only be available until the end of May. It has been reported as well that Asians are buying in US and bringing it home with them.

The demand for iPad is huge and stores overseas are buying hundreds to sell in their stores. In Taiwan, iPads are sold on premium price. Here are the figures: NT$25,000 (US$800) for the 16GB model, NT$29,000 (US$925) for the 32GB version and NT$32,000 (US$1,020) for the 64GB iPad. In the U.S., it only retails at US$499, $599 and $699, respectively. So there is huge money to pay for those who are itching to buy the iPad.

Apple warned people overseas of the hassle if they encountered techical problems with their iPads. That they need to ship it back to the US to fix it. There are also some WiFi frequency issues that might not work on other countries. It has been reported that in Israel, Ipad is already banned as it does not follow European specifications for Wi-Fi.

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