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E-books take longer to read than print

E-books take longer to read than print
According to a recent study, e-books take longer to read than the old-fashioned book. In the study conducted by Jakob Nielsen of product development consultancy Nielsen Norman Group, they discovered that reading speeds has declined to 6.2 percent on the iPad and 10.7 percent on the Kindle compared to print.

The study has a total of 24 participants and were given short stories by Ernest Hemingway in print, on iPad, on PC and on Kindle. The short stories of Ernest Hemingway took at least 17 minutes and 20 seconds to finish.

After the test, they rated their satisfaction and here are the results on a scale of 7: the iPad got 5.8, Kindle with 5.7 and printed book with 5.6. The PC received an average score of 3.6.

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