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How Many Blogs Do You Have? How Do You Manage Multiple Blogs?

This is the second question that I have answered in Adgitize Forum.

I currently have five blogs namely The Certified Pinoy Blogger, Makoy's Musicology, Makoy's Entertainment Buzz, Make Money Online With Makoy and Makoy's Snapshots. All are of different genres so I get to update at least two blogs a day.

So how do I manage it? First, you must allot time in writing your blog. Usually at night while I'm watching a TV series I'm also writing. It's a little distracting especially if I'm watching the Amazing Race but hey it works for me. I also suggest that you need to decide how frequent you will write. Is it a daily update, weekly or monthly?

Second, if you have nothing to write think of something that can be a regular filler in your blog. For my case, I post weekly Top 10 Hollywood movies. That is a guaranteed 1 post per week.

Third, in relation to number 1 RESEARCH is one big factor. I have music, entertainment and make money online blogs. I have to research what is the latest so I can write about it. For my personal blog and photo blog, research also helps especially for details for my recent trips. Sometimes it is better to split one post to 2-4 multiple posts. Not only for SEO purposes but also not to choke your readers with long text. I hate it myself to see some blog with heavy text on 1 post. That I immediately skip for reading.

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