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Justin Bieber Most Streamed Artist of 2010

Justin Bieber Most Streamed Artist of 2010
Justin Bieber topped the list of the most streamed music artist of 2010 according to the video analytics company TubeMogul. Bieber's collected a total of 1.07 billion streams from YouTube and MySpace

Anyway, here are the other music artists that made it to the top 10 list:

1. Justin Bieber: 1,071,022,618
2. Lady Gaga: 878,963,098
3. Eminem: 709,772,549
4. Rihanna: 521,468,879
5. Shakira: 404,118,932
6. Black Eyed Peas: 345,090,199
7. Miley Cyrus: 323,186,543
8. Taylor Swift: 241,860,978
9. Linkin Park: 186,235,206
10. David Guetta: 178,714,947

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