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Make Money With Chitika

Make Money With Chitika
I have signed up with Chitika before but I just can't remember why I don't use it. Maybe it's not worth the ad space in my blogs and not earning much. Anyway a month ago I received an email from Chitika and they were inviting me to put their ads and promised me a big revenue. I gave it a try and I'm happy to announce that as of today I have earned a total of $14.05. Cool right?

Anyway, Chitika works just like Google Adsense. The ads being displayed is based on keywords on your blog. Unlike Google Adsense, ads are categorized for region specifically in U.S. & Canada and International. What I like with Chitika is that ads are automatically displayed for mobile phones in a pop-up form. I don't know though if that irritates my readers or not.

Regarding the pay-out, you can select an option for Paypal or Standard Check. For Paypal payouts, they can send it for a minimum of $10 the next month you reach $10.

Now if you want to earn from Chitika, click here.

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