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How To Convert MP3 To Audio Book in iTunes

How To Convert MP3 To Audio Book in iTunes
I recently downloaded copies of Suze Orman's MP3 of her books. I have uploaded it in iTunes but the problem was it acts like a regular song and it would mix my songs if I do some shuffle.

To those who are interested in converting MP3 to Audio Books, here is the quick tip.

1. Import the MP3 to your iTunes.
2. Search the imported MP3 then right-click. Select Create AAC version. It would create a new file with the same information.
3. Right-click the new file then select Show in Windows Explorer.
4. At the Windows Explorer, rename the file extension from m4a to m4b.
5. Right-click the renamed file then select Open. The file will be then uploaded in the Books Library.

It's so easy to convert MP3 To Audio Book right?

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