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How To Delete Unfinished Podcast Download in iPhone

How To Delete Unfinished Podcast Download in iPhone
So this is the problem, you download a podcast in iTunes then suddenly you lost your WiFi connection. When you go to your iTunes download, the unfinished podcast download is not there anymore but it is in your Music player. The annoying part, swiping on it won't do anything as the Erase button won't appear but it would try to play the podcast instead.

So how do you delete this podcast? Finally, after browsing on forums. The only way to do this is to follow this sequence. Go to Settings-General-Usage-Music. The summary of your Music library will be listed including your Podcast. Click the Edit button and the erase button will appear. Take note that erasing the podcast will remove all items inside it so make sure to sync first your podcast then re-sync again.

On the image here, I want to delete the unfinished podcast download of Chico & Delamar and it says 0 bytes. After clicking the Delete button. It's finally gone!!!

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