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Tips Before Sending an E-mail

Tips Before Sending an E-mail
If you're in a workplace and you deal with e-mail everytime, here are some of the tips Yahoo! Finance has compiled to think about before sending these powerful email.

1) This e-mail will go to one person?  If you have the habit of clicking the Reply All, think of those people which are included in the list.  Will they be happy if you send them the reply as well?

2) Avoid using Jargon, shortcuts, acronyms and abbreviations that are not recognizable by your recipients.

3) Use cc sparingly.

4) Make one point per e-mail. If you have more than one point, send separate e-mails.

5) Be mindful of your tone. Bend over backward to make sure that things don’t get lost in translation in your writing. Sarcasm is especially dangerous.

6) Don’t overuse the high-priority flag.

7) Don’t forward chain e-mails. Don’t forward chain e-mails. Don’t forward chain e-mails.

8) Use proper grammar and punctuation.

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