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How To Map To A Server Folder Using Different Credentials

Being a Software Developer that deals with different shared folders, it is more different if those shared folders are accessible only to a certain user credential.

Let's say you're working on a QA server and you need to use two user credential to access the folder. One access is for read only and one for modify access.

The issue here is that once you login using the first user credential, Windows will not ask you again for a username and password. It will assume that you will use the same credential for the same folder or other folders in the same server. Usually what I do before is to log off my system or I totally restart my PC.

To go around with this problem is to get the IP address of the server. You can do so by going to the command prompt and typing ping then enter. The IP address are blocked area in the image below.

How To Map To A Server Folder Using Different Credentials

After getting the IP address, you can proceed and go to Start-Run then type \\[ip address]\[foldername]. Since the first time you login you use the servername, Windows doesn't know that it is actually the same server.

Proceed by entering the second user credential.

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