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Earn Money From Scanning QR Codes with Phewtick

Earn Money From Scanning QR Codes with Phewtick
It has been four months since Phewtick was introduced in Singapore and since I already received my first cash out, I can finally write my experience with Phewtick.

I actually got acquainted with the Phewtick app early this year after noticing that most of my friends in Singapore were suddenly posting their Phewtick meet-ups in Facebook. I ignored it of course but when my colleague informed me about it, I finally went on board and downloaded the free application from the App Store. Initially, it was only available in iPhones but now it is also available in Android.

So how does it work?
Before you start earning money, you need to download the app. Your friends, colleagues and family members need to download the app as well.

Open the app and make sure the location service of your phone is enabled. Phewtick actually checks your current location. The app will show a QR code that your friends can scan to earn Phewtick points. There's a scan button in the app so it can either be you or your friend who will be scanning.

How does Phewtick works

How much points per scan?
Each scan corresponds to randomized points. It can be as low as 0 or as high as 1,000 points or more. Phewtick once in a while organizes a meet-up campaign on certain timings per country wherein you can get more points per scan.

Take note that you can scan as many Phewtick QR codes as you want. After one hour has lapsed, you can re-scan again the same people. You will be notified though of the remaining time if you scan the same people within the one hour period.

Equivalent of points to $$$?
Phewtick has a conversion rate which changes once in a while. As of posting, the current rate is 0.0131 SGD per 10 points.

Phewtick denomination is actually in Japanese Yen (JPY) so I suggest not to refer to the conversion rate from the app as I find it misleading.

How to cash out my points?
There are actually three ways to cash out your points: by donation, Paypal crediting and Gift Cards. You can access these facilities by tapping the $ icon from the app. Anyway, I will discuss about PayPal since the others are straight to the point.

Before you can cash out, you need to accumulate at least 24,000 points.

For PayPal, you need to sign up first if you don't have one. Signing up is free!

From the Points screen, tap Cash Out-Paypal and enter all the required fields. Make sure to verify your PayPal ID (e-mail address) and the name entered.

Phewtick cash out by PayPal

How long to receive the money?
According to the app, it will take 15 days from the cash out application date. But based from my experience, it only took 12 days.

Phewtick will actually send in Japanese Yen denomination to your PayPal account but it will automatically converts to US Dollars. Take note that there is 30% commission from Phewtick.

Phewtick PayPal receipt

Why is Phewtick giving out free money?
This was my question as well.  Phewtick by the way is a Japanese company (Parmy), which was founded in 2007.  Phewtick as mentioned above checks your location and this is where Phewtick gets their income.  Every time you scan the QR code, Phewtick logs your location and the time.  From this logs, Phewtick can come up marketing statistics and analysis that can be used to lure advertisers or companies directly.  You know how important customer behavior to advertisers right?

Phewtick is available on what countries?
Available worldwide.

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  1. Chubskulit Rose  

    April 14, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    Sounds interesting but I don't think it is available here.

  2. Jerla Oh lalala  

    April 14, 2013 at 12:14 PM

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